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Graphic Design

Your brand image and corporate identity online starts with great graphic design. Choosing a logo that compliments your company name and product, working out the best colors to highlight your brand online and even what goes on your company stationery is what turns your brand into one that is easy to identify and makes it unique. Creating the right image using top of the range graphic design is the magic that draws your clients to your website and your product.

We are experts in the field of graphic design and will work with you to design exactly the right logos, business cards, catalogues, posters, vehicle branding and more for your business. The graphic design professionals at Wescript Web Solutions have knowledge and experience in a wide range of fields and will be able to guide you to the perfect graphics for your company. We can do great things together!


Web Development

High quality web development and design is what we pride ourselves on. Whether your website is the online platform for your customers to know you and contact you or even if your website only augments your business on other platforms, we can design and develop a website to compliment your business needs. We are creative and innovative and can help you create a site that works for you. PC and mobile friendly, inspiring landing pages and even e-commerce so that you can do your sales directly from your website. Discuss your requirements with us and we can offer you a variety of solutions to produce a website that compliments your brand and works for you in the way you need it to. We maintain and service your website to keep you up to date with the latest innovations and can even improve and maintain your existing website. We can offer solutions on a number of platforms, with efficient, versatile web development to help your business prosper.


Content Writing

Website content can be one of the most complicated things to put together for your website. To get started you need to lay out your pages and fill in the information, make it interesting and have it grab your client’s attention. If you have a site that also adds articles and blogs on a regular basis, that’s more content writing. How do we write your content without knowing your business? That’s the beauty of it, our experienced content writers will work with you to gather all the necessary information and lay it out on your website using the right word and nuances to achieve engagement and hopefully maintain it for long enough for your client to want to know more. We will profile your business, discuss your strategies and what you are wanting your client’s impression to be when they land on your website. We work with you to ensure the content matches your site and your brand.



SEO is search engine optimization, which has been a buzz word in digital media marketing ever since there was digital media. What does this mean for you? Using search engine optimization means that your potential clients can find you when typing a search into the search engine. Using frequently searched words and phrases pertaining to your industry, optimizing the site for user friendliness as well as a number of other tricks and tips can help place your site in the top 10 when users search for related businesses. Businesses that occur in the top 10 are clicked on more often and are generally trusted by the average internet user. SEO can help your business stay ahead of the competition, improve your sales and grow your brand. Our SEO professionals can target the audience you are wanting to engage by using the right SEO for your business. We can also assist in doing SEO in additional content such as blogs and articles which are loaded on to your site to improve your search engine rankings.

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